North from Jackman, lithographic print - Tom Staley
North from Jackman     18 x 14
1854 lithographic press                
1854 Lithographic press with small stone (14 x 10) on bed.
The litho stone is the best drawing surface in the world. Heavy to haul to the motif.

Craft of printing is a grouchy chemistry involving the repulsion of water and grease.
Path     14 x 18
Small editions, several almost gone. Kineo, to left, $700, edition of 15. Please inquire for other prices.
Kineo     14 x 10
          Untitled 1        
Untitled 1     18 x 14
Mountainside, lithographic print - Tom Staley    
Mountainside     18 x 14
Intervale     18 x 14
all images copyright Tom Staley
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