This page consists of two cliche-verres and two India-related screen prints.
road     White Pine

Road, 18 x 19

White Pine, 18 x 19

Two cliche-verres: drawn on glass with heavy white litho ink; the glass plates then used as negatives for a nineteenth century photographic printing technique called 'gum bichromate.'

Lampblack (soot) and gum arabic on Arches Cover paper. Editions of 10, price $1,000 each.

White Pine
  By Means of Birds            

Arabic script. Title of an Urdu poem. Reed pen. Edition of 20. Price $400.

By Means of Birds, 16 x 12
Screen Print
    two birds  

Mundaka Upanisad. Two birds in each of us. One bird enjoys and suffers the world ("eats the sweet fruit"). The other, "not eating," simply observes. The two though are "best friends," "live in the same tree:" Are, in fact, "the same."

Edition of 20.  Price $350.

Two Birds, 8 x 10
Screen Print
all images copyright Tom Staley
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