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Camy, drawing

I studied drawing and clay sculpture with A.T. McMillan for 10 years in Boston, as an athlete works with a coach. We drew from the nude model in the morning, and sculpted with clay from the same model in the afternoon.

Sometimes, from the skylight, the vertical column of light gradualy grew smokier and smokier and lovelier and lovelier until we were drawing in the dark.      
              During these years in Boston, I also drew thousands of portraits of Boston teenagers, a discipline and a joy.
  In Maine: the feeling of near-wilderness among the archaic mountains, source of mystery; their sensuous roll, cervicospinal outline, their flanks like those of animals and humans; and at night, the wildly gusting winds, world-roaming spirits        

Printmaking is a shaping of basic raw material (wood, stone, metal, cloth, glass, clay...) in the presence of what you intensely love (streams, reflections, faces, mountains, bodies, trees, paths, birds...).

Printmaking is wonderfully indirect: through drawing and modeling, an elemental material is made the stamp (die, matrix) of the image of the earth.
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